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Pet Sitting Hampton VA
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What to expect: Pet Services offered to Hampton VA

 Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Mid Day Visits, Cat Sitting, Exotic Pet Care, & Holistic Therapies in Hampton,VA
Pet Sitting in Hampton Roads 

 While you are away, you may relax...

Knowing that your favorite friends are safe, and happy in their own home. We offer quality care, lots of love and personalized attention for your pets during each visit. As a courtesy, we will also bring in your mail & newspaper, adjust lighting and window coverings for security purposes if requested.

Before we even take assignment we schedule a in home meeting to get to know you, and your pet(s), what your needs are, obtain all essential information, and set up paper work.

 Serving Hampton, Newport News, York County, Langley AFB, Fort Monroe, and some Military Bases

We have served clients in Phoenix AZ, Mt Home Idaho, and now the Hampton, Newport News, and  Langley AFB Area.

We have nearly 20 years of experience under our collar and that is something to bark about ;0)

Our Policies

Payments are due prior to service rendered

We accept cash and money orders as payment.

Checks on approval only!


As a courtesy: when making a reservation, please call a 10 days in advance of needing services.


Cancellation Policy

A 48-hour notice is required for pet sitting cancellations.

One day of sitting fees will be forfeited without cancellation notice. Dog Walking and Mid-day clients will be required to view and sign our daily care cancellation notice.


 Last Minute Service and Holidays

5 days advanced notice is necessary to coordinate our schedule for regular services. 

A full 14 days are needed prior to National Holidays to book, exceptions are at our discretion and Daily Care does not qualify under these restrictions.


In a Pinch? We may be able to Accommodate 

$20 to Accommodate less than a 72 hr notice

(Family emergencies are exempt)


Holiday Surcharge

A flat charge of $15 will be applied for all National and Military Holidays(e.g.: Xmas/New Years /Day/Easter/ Vet/Memorial etc.)


 *A $8 premium is charged before 8 AM


*Minimum of two visits are required per day certain circumstances are excluded (cats, fish, birds & Exotics)


*Visit times will be afforded a 1-hour window of requested pet sitting arrival times due to multiplicity of clients.


*Extended visits are (approx) 30 minutes in length; potty breaks are 15 min in length. No exceptions or exemptions. We may choose to extend but it is at our discretion.


*All outdoor pets must be afforded shelter, a safe secure area, & must provide indoor shelter in extreme weather.


*No Shared Sitting Assignments with roommates, family members, or friends as this constitutes a breach of contract.


*Key returns will be done so in person, client will have to sign a wavier, and returns are subject to return key fee.


*Services are subject to incident charge for challenging, and incontinent pets which require extra work, handling, or house soiling clean up! Clients that insist their pets do not need extra visits will be required to place a potty deposit to insure.


* MID DAY VISITS: Due to the nature of our business we will not service mid day care on holidays to include All Military Family Days, as well as any other recognized holidays.


*Rates, and packages are subject to change without notice


Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Major Mutts and Meows Pet Sitting with Healthy Pawsibilities* Hampton VA * US

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