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Why Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting for the Discriminating Pet Owner


Why Pet Sitting is different!


Pet Sitting is the service of choice for concerned pet owners when faced with being away. Pet Sitters offer an alternative to those that need to place their pet(s) in the temporary care of another of which the owner would be absent from home.                           


People prefer in home care for their pets over kennels for a variety of reasons, the primary reason and the most costly to your pet is disease that is noted to breed in a kennel environments. Pets are much happier and safer in their own an environment which they are familiar with and feel comfortable in such as home. 


Pet Sitting is great for all pets, but is especially helpful for pets that have intolerances to vaccinations, phobias and fears. 


Major Mutts does not require vaccinations as long as the first shot series is given.


Pet Sitting is especially great for those owners who cannot, or do not wish to continue vaccinating their pets every year. Also, it is great for those pets that have had allergic reactions to vaccines, or are too old and frail to receive them. 


Most boarding facilities feed their food, unless they state bring your own. Which means your pet will have to eat food they are not familiar with which could cause stomach distress and diarrhea, or the pet could refuse to eat.


Some boarding facilities and kennels may or may not have an onsite person to stay overnight. However, if they do this does not mean that they are let out to potty. This means that your pet will be confined to a kennel for hours (12 to 14 hours hours), and will be forced to eliminate in its' area. This is not very helpful, if you are trying to house break your pet, or if you already have potty issues.



Things to consider if you choose to boarding your pet over sitting!


Call and ask the facility if you can stop in at anytime to take a tour of their facility without an appointment, and make sure you check it out unannounced. If they say no, or make an excuses as to why you cannot RUN! This is so you can see how they operate on a daily basis. If the facility is clean and ask if they have had any illness issues, if they are honest they will tell you they have.


Ask or find out if they are AKBA (American Kennel and Boarding Association) affiliated. These member facilities are in compliance with the standards of the ABKA Voluntary Facilities Accreditation (VFA) Program and have successfully completed an on-site evaluation by ABKA.


All boarding facilities have Immunization requirements.


Dogs: immunized against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, Para influenza, parvo virus (DHLPP), and bordetella.


Cats: vaccinated against rabies, panleukopenia or distemper, feline rhinotracheitis, calici virus, and pneumonitis (FVRCPP).Most require at least 72 hours prior to boarding.


Boarding facilities feed their food, unless they state bring your own.


Boarding facilities/ kennels may not have an onsite person overnight.


A Dog can hold its potty approx:

6 weeks, 2-4 hours

8 weeks, 4-5 hours

12 weeks, 5-6 hours

6 months, 7-8-hour workday


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