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Pet Sitting in Hampton and Newport News: Major Mutts and Meows

Pet Sitting Serving
Hampton, Newport NewsYork County
Langley Air Force Base, and Surrounding Military Bases too! Virginia (VA)
Major Mutts: For the Discriminating Pet Owner

Great and small we'll sit for them all!  Cats, Dogs, Exotics, Horses, and Fish too!

We come to you!

We are sad to announce:
Major Mutts and Meows Pet Sitting will be discontinuing Client Services for the Hampton Roads Pet Community as we are relocating by way of the USAF.
We have enjoyed serving you all and wish for the very best for you and your fur kids. Thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve and care for your furry friends.
For New and Exisiting Clients:
You can obtain new service from the following Major Mutts aprroved Sitter's in the area:
Hampton, Langley, Fort Monroe, York, Newport News:
Heidi Garman:Stay! Pet Sitting
(757) 814-9715
Hampton, Newport News:
Diana Nartowicz: Home Safe n Happy Pet Sitting
(757) 871-9447
Newport News:
Frieda Cox: Home Front Pet Care (since 1989)
(757) 897-4899 or (804) 642-2412
Yorktown, Gloucester
Dawn Miller:Pawsatively Wonderful Pet Sitting
(804) 824-9160

Cat Sitting, Exotic Pet Sitting, Pet Massage, Mid Day Visits
Our Service
While you are away, you may relax...
Knowing that your favorite friends are safe, and happy in their own home. We offer quality care, lots of love and personalized services for favorite pets.


Our services will provide little disruption to pets daily routines, schedules and best of all your pet will be healthy, happy, safe, and sound awaiting your arrival when you return home; which means, no unnecessary trips to pick up or drop off as well as no extra over night kennel fees for returning later than planned.

We also offer
 Mid Day Visits! A better choice than Doggie Daycare!
Safe, and Affordable!

Advantage for Pet


*Relieves your pets anxiety associated with long hours spent indoors by allowing exercise, elimination, and fresh air.


*Pets are not traumatized and are not exposed to other animals.


*Your pet won’t have to wait, or skip meals or potty breaks


*Avoids the stress responses that can increase their potential of catching communicable diseases


*And most importantly attention exercise, lots of love & affection

I need a Pet Sitter Please

Offering: Pet Sitting, Dog walking, and Pet Massage

Advantages for the pet owner


*We come to you, we are available 24 hrs 7 days a week


*Increased home security due to activity around your home


*Peace of mind knowing your pet is safe, at home, in their own environment where things are familiar.


*Avoiding costly veterinarian bills associated with kennel illness


*The dependability of a professional pet sitter providing you and your pet individual personalized and customized care.

Happy Pet Sitter Dog

Major Mutts and Meows Pet Sitting with Healthy Pawsibilities* Hampton VA * US

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Pet Sitting, Dog Walking,and More!
Langley AFB, Fort Monroe, Hampton Virginia


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Pet Piazza - where pet owners!

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