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What to expect: Services offered to Hampton Roads Area

 Pet Sitting, Holistic Therapies VA

Major Mutts & Meows
Pet Sitting
 While you are away, you may relax ...
knowing that your favorite friends are safe, and happy in their own home. We offer quality care, lots of love and  personalized attention for your pets on each visit. As a courtesy, we will also be more than happy to bring in your mail & newspaper, and adjust lighting and window coverings for security purposes if requested.

Before we even take assignment we schedule a in home meeting to get to know you, and your pet(s), what the needs are, obtain all essential information, and set up paper work.

 If you have any questions we are only a phone call away!

Serving Hampton, Newport News,

and Langley AFB


We have served clients in Phoenix AZ, Mt Home Idaho and Now the Hampton Roads/ Langley Area.

We have 5 years of experience under our belt and that is something to bark about ;0)

Holistic Therapy Sessions

  The First visit and consult is really the key to success by way of allowing the therapist to get to know your pet and moreover get them use to someone other than you, touching them in a focused way.

Just remember too, it took the affects of time for your pet to be in its present state.

 And it may take time to see results. By that I mean, after the second session you should notice small changes in posture, range of motion, as well as over all muscular strength.

Because massage is a modality that assists the body in healing itself (setting up the right conditions for healing) it may take the body time to adjust and re-learn new patterns.
Manual Muscular
Therapy Sessions

Gait assessment will be noted. The head will be viewed noting any abnormalities. Purposes will show alignment deviations within the skeletal structure including shoulder and hip joints.

The torso is checked for alignment noting any protrusion, or any other abnormality. Hips will be examined and checked for shape and form in the same manner the shoulders were examined.

During the process of palpating the animal I will be feeling for structural errs, muscular knots, and contractions in the muscle tissue. The observation of physical reactions from the animal, when these palpations are being done, help in locating trouble areas. A simple muscle tremor, concerned glances from the animal, licking, chewing, and avoidance can demonstrate pain. Range of motion will be tested to understand the animals limitations in movement and in the designing a treatment plan.

Calming the animal with some soothing music, and soft-spoken words of affirmation begins the massage therapy treatment. Techniques such as, stroking, light kneading, and effleurage are most of the tools that will be used. Each animals reaction is different so patience is paramount.

Manual Manipulations
Working with light effleurage (long gliding) strokes of the relaxation massage, I can then slowly advance to myofascial release, ever deepening as I proceed to loosen muscle tissue.

After the manual manipulation of the tissue has been completed assisted stretching.

(Yoga for animals) is next. These stretches will re-educate the animals muscular system and aid the return to proper length, and flexibility. Additional treatments like Hydrotherapy, Acupressure, Sound therapy and Healing touch can be used to accelerate the recovery process along with healing the animals' emotional and psychological traumas.

The closing is a lot like the relaxation portion of the routine. However, this is where the muscles as well as the lymphatic system is cleansed, thoroughly moving lactic acid and toxins out and away from these system for final elimination.

Manual manipulation, Healing touch, stretching, and various other modalities will stimulate brain patterns and synopsis. Thus allowing the previously blocked biological chemicals to revisit the body, returning the animal to its normal ebb and flow.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

Major Mutts and Meows Pet Sitting with Healthy Pawsibilities* Hampton VA * US

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